Kraken new version released

ESSS is pleased to announce the latest release of Kraken, our reservoir simulation data analysis tool. This new version (2.4.0) includes the following features:

  1. Native 2D visualization of reservoir sections in IJK directions: this new visualization mode allows the user to inspect a layer section in a specified direction of the reservoir simulation grid. For example, when viewing the grid in the I direction, the user will be able to visualize a section containing all active cells in the selected I layer. Additionally, the inspector mode can be used to extract property values of a grid block; and zoom/pan modes are enabled for better grid positioning and visualization.
  2. Grouping variables by unit in plots: Kraken allows the user to group variables on the same axis to provide comparisons of their associated quantities . These quantities include basic dimensions such as length, time and mass, which differ from units since quantities can have different units to describe them. For example, to describe length, meters, inches or miles can be used. Kraken now allows the user to group variables with same quantities or same units using a single axis of a plot.
  3. Performance improvements when creating new user processes: Kraken now creates separate computational processes when performing heavy calculations and data manipulation to keep the application from freezing up and to provide better handling of large sets of data.

To learn more about these new features, watch our short demo by clicking on the video below: