Academic Program

Academic Program

Academic License

  1. If you are a Professor, Student or Researcher, you can request a KRAKEN Academic License for non-commercial use.
  2. Please see our letter below for the license usage terms and conditions. If you are in agreement, please register on our website to request a Trial License.

Dear Student, Researcher and Professor,

Thank you for your interest in ESSS’s proprietary tool, KRAKEN, and its application to reservoir data managament. We are happy to assist with your research by providing an academic license. In order to ensure compliance with current best practices and the successful use of the software, please consider the items below prior to requesting a trial license:

1. We expect you to run many reservoir simulations and use KRAKEN to successfully and efficiently post-process their results. If simulation results are to be published by using 2D plots, 3D images or any of the powerful Python scripts run within KRAKEN, please reference ESSS and KRAKEN in such publications;

2. KRAKEN academic licenses are intended for research and teaching purposes only and shall not be used for commercial applications, such as consulting projects. For non-academic purposes, please contact us to request a commercial license;

3. One (1) academic license will be made available at no cost per Academic Department / Research Lab. A request for multiple licenses will receive a progressive bulk discount. Licensing fees (at discounted academic rates) are important for continual software improvement and technical support;

4. Technical support is available for the duration of an academic license. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding KRAKEN’s usage and please consider participating in ESSS’s events with a paper or just to visit the venue. We put a strong value on the academic community and your participation is important to us to ensure the continued synergistic growth of the academic and KRAKEN community;

5. Finally, academic licenses are typically provided for a one-year duration. Therefore, you must contact us for a license renewal. Our intention is to continually provide you with the best possible product and ensure that our software has value for your work.

If you agree with the aforementioned statements, please send us a message via “Contact Us” tab.

We hope you enjoy KRAKEN and thanks again for your interest!