Pushing reservoir data handling to new frontiers

Kraken is a reservoir data management tool, which combines powerful features of a reservoir simulation post-processor with a modern user interface capable of importing and handling field history data, wells trajectory and deviation files.

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Analyze and post-process your
reservoir simulation data

Have both field and simulation data in a same Kraken project

Compare results of multiple models and realizations.

Create analytical studies

- Decline Curve Analysis
- Production Forecasting
- Material Balance

Perform advanced tasks with Kraken’s API + Python

- Create assisted history matching procedures
- Perform production optimization studies
- Use Data Analytics to predict your reservoir performance

Kraken’s capabilities include:

  1. Smart property management

    - Semantic data identification from multiple sources enables data comparison from different simulators
    - Data categorized using its role, phase, condition, and other parameters
    - In-place unit converter

  2. Model interpretation

    - Reservoir simulation entities are displayed hierarchically
    - Grid and well entities are grouped and categorized

  3. Workflow automation

    - Automate your reservoir simulation post-processing and report generation activities
    - Readily available macro to record and playback daily tasks
    - Dedicated Python scripting interface advanced task

  4. Report generation

    - Copy and paste images and data into other common applications
    - Custom reports using standard formats (html, rtf, pdf)
    - In-place unit converter

  5. Rich data comparision

    - Creation of case comparisons to assess differences between two different simulation models
    - All visualization/manipulation capabilities/features of a single simulation are available for the case comparisons
    - Units reconciliation

  6. Powerful data inspection

    - Allows simultaneous visualization of available data in a reservoir simulation model
    - Synchronized interaction in all views with a single click
    - Enhanced coloring strategies
    - Synchronized time step selection

  7. Visualization process

    - Plane cut and clip
    - Isosurface cut and clip
    - IJK block selection
    - Streamlines
    - Selection by property
    - Custom procedures

  8. Pre-processing capabilities

    - Grid and well data conversion from one reservoir simulator format to another
    - Special converter for writing out UTCHEM input data

  9. Animation

    - Movie creation based on key frames
    - Camera interpolation

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